Begin your meal with one of our yummy Appetizers!

Garlic/Ranch Rolls

Order of garlic/ranch rolls with garlic/ranch butter and a side of marinara. Feeds approximately one to three people.

$2.99 - $5.49

Onion Rings

Order of onion rings that feed one to three people.

$3.99 - $6.99

Cheese Bread

Baked cheese bread with garlic butter and mozzarella, side of marinara. Feeds approximately two to three people.


Mozzarella Sticks

Order of eight fried mozzarella sticks, topped with romano cheese, and a side of marinara sauce.


Italian Chips

Order of our fried house potato chips, dusted with romano and italian herbs. Feeds one to three people.

$1.99 - $4.49

Freedom Fries

Order of salted fries that feed one to four people.

$1.99 - $4.49

Tater Tots